Meet the team

At Food Forage, our mission is to prove that a sustainable diet does not compromise on taste, convenience or accessibility.


Ibrahim Mizi

Hi everyone, I’m Ibrahim, and I’m a Co-Founder of FoodForage! I decided to go plant-based after discovering the impact my purchase decisions and diet had on the environment.

When I transitioned to a plant-based diet, I discovered that eating sustainably day-to-day is a tough endeavour, especially with the little knowledge I had. This was a strong motivating factor to create FoodForage, an easy and simple to use app that makes eating sustainable straight-forward and accessible.


Reuben McQueen

Hi, I’m Reuben, Co-founder of Food Forage. I want to make your sustainability journeys as easy as possible!

I have had an interest in sustainability since 2016 after learning about the impact that human behaviour has on the environment and climate change. Since then I have been working on Food Forage as a way to help us transition to a more sustainable future.

Head of marketing

Martha Neugarten

Hey everyone, I’m Martha, head of marketing, and I’m determined to show that plant-based meals and eating sustainably can be super exciting, accessible and affordable

I’ve been interested in sustainable food since volunteering on a French farm in 2019 and since then have been sharing what I’ve learnt with anyone and everyone!

Marketing Assistant

Freddie Mott

Hi I’m Freddie, working with Food Forage in the marketing department. I have a plant-based diet myself so I’m excited to be promoting an app that makes sustainable eating so easy!

I have been passionate about the environemnt for a long time, certainly since I first went plant based 3 years ago. My role with Food Forage allows me to get creative while promoting a cause I truly believe in!


Georgia Earing

Hey, I’m Georgia!