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Food Forage App Makes Finding Plant Based Products Easy

Our Food Forage app is a one-stop place that makes finding plant based products simple and effortless. We connect you with like-minded brands to take the guesswork out of buying plant based products.

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Food Forage App Features

Shopping List

Generate Shopping Lists

Create a shopping list based on your preferences and stores near you

Resource Tracker

Track your natural resource savings

Track your carbon footprint, litres of water saved and land usage


Discover recipes

Find plant-based recipes to make and share

Check nearby stores

Discover store stocks

Browse stores near you and discover what plant-based products they stock


Product Notifications

Get notified when there are new products near you

― Browse stores

Find products in stores near you

Use the Food Forage App to browse stock in stores near you

― Convenience

Create shopping lists

Food Forage generates shopping lists based on your preferences and location

Shopping List
― Discover

Search and Browse

Search and filter using multiple categories to find the right product for you

― Eat Sustainably

Create Plant-Based Meals

Easily cook plant-based meals by generating shopping lists from recipes that include sustainable products from brands.


Suggest a brand

Have a brand that you would like to know where they are stocked? Let us know!

Suggest a brand

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Food Forage is now available on iOS and Android

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